CAROLINE REDMAN LUSHER is the founder and musical director of ROCK CHOIR; singer, recording artist, award winning musician, composer, arranger, dynamic entrepreneur, award winning business woman and subject of the hugely popular 2011 ITV1 Documentary series, The Choir That Rocks.

Caroline founded Rock Choir in 2005 and through her musicianship, creativity and inspirational leadership has developed it into the world’s largest contemporary choir with in excess of 24,000 members.

Caroline’s voice has contributed to more than a million album sales as well as the success of Rock Choir’s own top 20 album released by Universal.

Caroline inspires thousands of members who take part in Rock Choir each week through her unique vocal arrangements of carefully chosen feel good pop songs.

As Rock Choir continues to grow Caroline protects its original ethos of inclusivity, accessibility and fun.

For any enquiries please contact kellie@rockchoir.com